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Richard Bud Weingart
Residing In: Naples, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Sandy (Ye ZhiQiao)
Occupation: Semi Retired, Doing some Consulting, New Address 6250 Towncenter Circle Naples FL 34119
Children: Wendy Hammond 1962
Richard Alan Weingart 1967
Austin Kellam Weingart 1987
Johanna Kellum More…Weingart 1992
Military Service: USMC  
Yes! Attending Reunion
E-Mail Address


BSEE Purdue University
Major: Electrical, Minor Mechanical Engineering
Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts OPM-10 Certificate, Owners / Presidents Management Program, Intensive 3-year curriculum , Sales / Marketing, Finance, Human Factors, Operations, Leadership, Strategies, Manufacturing & Services
Stanford University Certificate, Board of Directors Program
Vanderbilt University Certificate, Financial Management Program

Work: Started & Owned Company 23 Years, Inc 500 Listed two Years
200 Employees & 60 Engineers, Invented Designed & Built Sophisticated Automation Machinery & Test Equipment, 4 Plants
Other Companies...GE Plant Engineering, Weingart Inc & Austin Ltd, Presidential LP Consulting, Connor Corp VP Business Dev', AAA Galvanizing 4 Plants, American Trainco Teaching Engineering-PLCs-VFD Safety etc., BMW Electric Motors Energy Study in Concert with Dep't Of Energy, Wyoming Machinery Facilities Construction & Management, Navistar..Military Truck Engineering Development, Dana Corp Processes Engineering, Butler & Cook Cook Inc. Senior Projects Engineer & Safety Director

May 1st 2015 Will be moving to Naples FL, Still 307-277-4410 not Far from 5th ave where one of my Sons works, plus Wife likes to shop,
Started Purdue U
Fort Wayne Tool & Die
General Electric Co
Started Weingart Inc Grew over 23 Yrs to 20 Employees & 60 Engineers
Inventions, Design & Builds Testing Maschines, Automations, Dynamic Systems Testing, Circuit Board Plant, Wire Harnesses Assembly Plant, etc
Returned to Industry:
VP Business Development Connor Corp
Presidential Ltd Production Machine Operation General Manager 172 People
The March Group Investment Bankers Merger / Acquisitions Companies
AAA Galvanizing Hot Dip Zinc Galvanizing 4 Plants ISO/QC HSE
Trainer & Auditor, Facilities Manager
American Trainco Multi-State Engineering & Maintenance Trainer
Wyoming Machinery Co Caterpillar Equipment 5 Multi-Plant, Service Centers
Navistar Engineering Truck/Bus/Hybrids New Developments
BMW Bluffton IN Electric Motor Efficiency Improvements for DOE 2015 Initiative
Dana Corporation Truck Drive Train Manufacturing Systems & Processes Engineering
Moved to Fort Meyers Florida
Read Lots of Books, Enjoy Sun, Outdoors, Developing many Products to Go To Market, Writing a few Books, Lots of goings-on here,

School Story:

Not Much to Say, I switched from Central, I was starting to get in trouble, I was not accepted well at South side, Thanks to a few who did treated me well.
I suppose I would have ended up in Jail, I chose to Join the Marines the Month I turned 17, Wow! What an Eye Opener, I learned Discipline, Respect, Eager to Learn Aircraft Electrical & Electronics, Loved to Fly, Later I got my Private & Commercial Pilots License, Got Motivated to go To College, Started Purdue Fort Wayne, Went 10 Years 152 Credits, Worked Full Time, Later was asked to bre on their Board of Directors, Got the BSEET Electrical with Minor in Mechanical Engineering
I appreciated Going to a Prom, (My only one ever) with Susie Secrist (Sp?) I felt way out of place in a Tux, Phil Terrill was very nice to me I remember, My Grades all Sucked except Math, that I liked. Cruising Through Gardners, (I worked here for a while) fell in love with an older girl (1.5 yrs) Car-Hop, She dumped me for a Football Star @ North Side, I was a litTle Squirt (140 Lbs) couldn't play in any sports, Blacks at CentraL monopolized the sports, I later
Built myself up to play 2 yrs in the USMC, later I made The Semi Pro CFL Warriors Football Team, I played 23 Years Slow Pitch Softball & was one of the top 10 Home Run hitters in FT Wayne, I went to two years Karate School under Parker Shelton, I served Warrants on the Sheriff Reserve Allen County,
I never lost a Fight after High School, I tried to go to a Dance at Central once, I was Beat up on the Corner before I ever got inside. That was a Disappointment, I was going to meet a Girl, Black eyes were not respectable.
I'm Still in Great shape, no drink, no smoke, eat healthy, Exercise daily, 262 lbs, VA doc says I am a good example of good health,

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Oh Yes, Happy Birthday, I forgot earlier my objective & just started to remember stuff, hope you didn't mind , must be getting old, I hope you & your family are all well

Sep 26, 2014 at 2:47 PM

Susie, I hope you are not shocked with my contacting you. I see you have a wonderful family, Congratulations to your lucky husband. I do not want to offend him either. I guess at our ages we can say about anything we choose as long as it doesn't hurt others. I'm the Skinny little guy from a Broken Family, Orphans Home, Foster Homes, up to the 6th grade Hanna due to my location Apartment home on Dewald & Lafayette, I wasembarrassed to live there, I was Lonesome as could be, I befriended a boy a block away who lived with his strict mean dad, I saw he had less than me so we became buddies, we later Joined the Marines together, we are still friends with lots of memories today. For what it is worth you were my first great love...Shock? I used to dream about you & walk clear across town to see you. Remember we once went to the Clyde for a Movie, My Step dad had to drive us, I was so worried about trying to hold your hand that was all I could think about. I was so bashful, I was afraid to touch you. Remember the Square Dances at Foster & McMillan parks, how about the party we went to in somebodys basement, We some how tried a Clumsy Spin the Bottle & Kiss Penalty / Opportunity for the winner, Yep I had my chance...Boy was I scared, we went behind a furnace, I quickly closed my eyes I aimed my treasure kiss towards you, I totally missed your mouth, ha ha, but I think I hit a cheek.
Time went forward, you were all I could think of for the next couple of years, I was required to go to Central & You to South Side, I had to work, Deloivering Newspapers, Pios Meat Market, Gardners Drive Inn, and the Waynedale Char-King, I was not happy at School, there was mixing I just didn't agree with, Once my sister was caught with a Black Football Star, I was so Mad & Hurt I developed a little dislike for Blacks, I later found a Girlfriend Car Hop from Gardners, he name was Susie also, Wow! She taught me how to Kiss, From then on I practice all I can. ha ha, Now she leaves Central & goes to Nort Side, she found a Football Player Boyfriend I again I lost out. I finally convinced my Mom & Step dad I needed to switch to SSHS to clean up my act. This was another challenge, A less than sophisticated Teenager looking close to a hoodlum was at a disadvantage, there seemed to be ready made clicks, I was not a part of any, Oh yes I was lucky to go to my 1st & last Prom, I gathered the courage to ask Susie Siekrist (sp?) to the Prom. Again
I felt so out of place, I rented a Tux from an old mans shop on Broadway, the other guys all looked like men models, She was very nice to me, but my heart was still with Central Susie, I held her memory all thru the Marines until I was in my thirties and Married, I had to see her & kill these long lasting memories, I got a Chance when she came to Ft Wayne for a Visit, I Chased her down & we had a Short Meeting, She had married the North Side Football Player, he was killed in Viet Nam, She became a Druggie & Hippy looking person, I almost purged her from my system immediately. So Life goes on I started going to Purdue after I got out of the Marines & working at Magnavox, I continued Purdue for 10 Years working full time, I was compelled to make something out of myself. I then Started a Business out of my Garage, I Grew it for 23 Years to over 200 Employees & 60 Engineers, Wow, I got lots of Recognition I loved it, Purdue asked me to be on its Board of Directors, I was on 3 Different Indians State Committees, National Business Committees, Speaking opportunities at Colleges & High Schools & Business Clubs. I also elected to go for advanced Business Training at Harvard OPM-10 in Cambridge MA, I then went to Vanderbilt for Small Business Financial Training and then to Stanford to Board of Directors Training....I guess I made up for my inferiority feelings. Oh yes, As a Senior in HS I was 149 pounds & for some reason I kept getting beat-up, My first dance at Central as a Sophomore two Ft Wayne Hoods Punched me out, I turned around from the Dance never entering the building & I too my swollen Cheek & Black eye home to the upstairs apartment & I went directly to Bed & covered my face, My Step Dad came in & had a good laugh. I guess I had my work cut out for me.....So Join th Marines...They Grow Men,
# months out of Boot Camp & Infantry Training I was close to 200pounds of muscle. I vowed I would never lose a fight again, I have had many & I always win. At My old Age of 73 I still work out daily, I Studies Judo, Karate, Boxed, Football Team in Marines, 22 Years of Softball many years Most Home Runs, Most Hits, Most Valuable Player, 10 Yrs Racket Ball, Lots of Weight Lifting, I took a 2nd Place at Glenbrook Mall Heavy Weight Bench Pressing one Year, OK So much for that, Mu First Wfe Judy was a really cute Red Head a Secretary at Magnavox, I was the Cute Marine, She started visiting me at my apartment, So we got married, both worked, Lots of good Years 22, Had an Estate on Chapman Rd, 4 Horses, 2 Peacocks, up to 17 Dogs, 60 Tame Geese, & about the Same in Ducks on our 12 Acre Lake, Business was Successful so One of her Birthdays I bought her a New Datsun Sports Car plus a Marqui (sp?) Diamond Special Mounted....I didn't
eve get a kiss....We slowly grew apart, 2 Children with Judy. I later as a Single hung out at Halls Factory like a Cheers Bar, I knew all of the Waitresses & Lots of Customers, one nigh at Closing I had made a date with the receptionist & as we were getting into my big black Cadillac, a little cute blond came to the window & demanded the other gal get out
she did, I respected the courage & adventuresome new gal..She actually crawled in the window & went home with me to stay 11 Years, She had 2 Children & then We had 2 Children so I have 4 Children, 10 Grand Children & 3 Great Grand Sons (Ornery, Orneryer, & Orneryist , I now Have A Chinese Wife, We are In Fort Myers FL
Might Be moving to Fort Smith Arkansas for a New Job Soon, I will stop for now I hope I haven't bored you. Just remember you are a very special person
Bud / Buddy whatever